Lucy Torres Gomez Family Life in the Countryside

Lucy Torres Gomez’s idyllic life in her home province of Ormoc is a visual treat, a feast for the eyes.

What could be more relaxing than lying on a picnic mat while reading your favorite novel under the early morning sun?

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Photo Credit: Lucy Torres-Gomez

Certainly, there is nothing better than the luxury of taking some time off to fully relax in a secluded place. A stunning scenery surrounded by rolling hills that gradually cascade down into a serene valley. What could be more idyllic than a place like this?

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Life at home with Richard and Juliana Gomez

And though living in the city has its perks, it has also stripped us of life’s simple joys.

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Lucy Torres with her husband Richard Gomez

There is no doubt that the elusive quest for a better life has made the allure of living in the city even more enticing than it has ever been.

However, in recent years, people have become acutely aware of how life in the city has perversely affected their well-being. Aside from terrible virulent pollutants, steep crime rates, pesticide-laden food, and congested roads, myriad of other issues persist.

Thus, seeing people build second homes in the countryside comes as no surprise.

Here are just some of the perks of living in the province.

“And on a whim we had a happy picnic in a tiny house on a hill” – Lucy Torres Gomez

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Photo Credit: Lucy Torres-Gomez

A day at the beach

You can also go for a swim at a nearby beach or have a picnic on a whim with family and friends in tow.

Photo Credit: Lucy Torres

Relishing those languid days and nights by doing the things she loves most

Photo Credit: Lucy Torres Gomez

Homecooked Garden-Fresh Meals

Having access to fresh produce is one of the perks of living in the province. Their vegetable and herb gardens provide fresh ingredients for preparing healthy and savory meals at home.

Photo Credit: Lucy Torres

A mini-farm in the yard that houses their vegetable patch and some of their beloved pets and farm animals.

Thanks to Richard’s penchant for raising farm animals, Lucy amusedly shared with her followers how her home in Ormoc had suddenly turned into a mini-farm overnight.

Their vast yard houses a growing number of chickens, ducks, and yes, a piglet.

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Photo Credit: Lucy Torres

Fresh Produce from the Family Farm

The nutrient-dense soil in the province prompted them to start a hobby farm. It yields a bountiful harvest of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which they generously share with family and friends.

They also have their own apiary. It produces a copious amount of honey which they give as gifts on special occasions.

Long Table Meals on Weekends

Families usually live close by in the province, so hosting a family get-together is a breeze.

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Photo Credit: Lucy Torres

An anxiety-filled life isn’t worth living. Hence, we must learn to tune out the noise and pay attention to what matters. Let’s take the time to explore scenic views, engage in lively chit-chat, share delicious food, and have a fun time together without feeling rushed.

In Lucy’s case, she seems to have mastered the art of living in the present moment. Certainly, not a small feat considering the stressful nature of her job.

Lucy Torres Gomez Non Profit Brand, Truest Society

Lucy runs a non-profit organization called the Truest Society. Her store sells practical items that she personally designs and curates. Purchasing items from the shop will help raise funds for the brand’s charity work.

truest society luggage cubes

Photo Credit: Truest Society

Cute pouches of different sizes which you can easily tuck inside your luggage for your next trip.

Pretty ceramic plates
Truest Society

“Proceeds will help: women who need capital to start their own livelihood, households that need food and light, parents who have no means to pay for the tuition fee of their children, whoever needs help” Lucy Torres-Phil Star

Special thanks to Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez for being so gracious in accommodating our request – Lia