Family Life in Japan

Amidst life’s challenges and daily stress, family life in Japan still exudes a remarkable sense of calm. This harmonious existence is, in part, a testament to the Japanese people’s ability to maintain composure even in the face of life’s relentless challenges.

Natural Beauty of Japan

japanese landscape

My Filipino-Japanese friend Arlene and her husband Alex

And Japan’s idyllic countryside and suburbs seem to mirror that proverbial Japanese tranquil temperament.

The spellbinding charm of its bucolic provinces radiates feelings of tranquility and exudes that enchanting allure of days long gone.

Our friend, Arleen, who is of Japanese-Filipino descent, lives with her family in an idyllic Japanese suburb.

They live on the outskirts of Aichi, Japan. A lovely area that captures the essence of a tranquil and rustic life seldom encountered in bustling cities.

family life in japan

The place is surrounded by the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and stunning mountain views, with charming gardens and parks dotting this lush green suburb.

Should you be an archeology buff, you will also enjoy ambling through the ancient streets as the Japanese have inhabited the area for thousands of years based on the archeological findings that date back to 10,000 BC.

The natural environment has also afforded locals a myriad of interesting places to visit— an ideal place to raise a family.

Family Life in Japan

daily family life in japan

Japanese-Filipino Family

Since we’re a bit curious to know what daily life is like for a typical family in Japan, we asked Arlene to give us a glimpse of their family life and the activities they do for fun to give themselves some breathing space from work stress and the usual pressures of everyday life.

Family Fun in Japan

Daily family life in Japan can be hectic but we always carve out time for some fun activities to unwind and relax with the whole family.

Family Biking

“ Biking around the suburb’s lovely parks and gardens has become a regular family activity to counter the insufferable stresses of everyday life, keeping our family’s physical and mental health in top shape.”

Fortunately, the place where they live is a haven for bikers. The city inculcates a cycling culture among locals by providing the much-needed bike infrastructure for the denizens.

daily family life in japan

Visiting Castles and Museums

We love taking our kids to old castles, galleries, and museums.
When Japanese go abroad, you often find them in museums and art galleries as they’re interested in discovering and learning the host country’s culture.”

“The locals, both young and old, love theme parks and amusement parks. One good reason why we have Disneyland in Japan.”

daily family life in japan

Boat Riding

Japan, the land of the rising sun, has abundant lakes and rivers that draw hordes of tourists. 

daily family life in japan

Our kids immensely enjoy a paddle along the rivers and lakes, so finding the perfect canoeing spots for the whole family is a must during the summer.”

Family Picnic

Exploring and immersing themselves in the natural beauty of Japan’s breathtaking countryside is a welcome respite from the day-to-day grind.

daily family life in japan

“We have close knit-family ties, something we inherited from both our Filipino and Japanese ancestors. We always schedule family outings and celebrations with the whole clan in mind.”

daily family life in japan