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Acupofparenthood publishes well-researched and informative articles on parenting tips and valuable insights about fun and engaging activities designed to develop essential life skills in children.   

Laurie Vinuya
Founder & Editor

Laurie, a mom of three adorable kids, juggles work life with motherhood. It’s an uphill struggle, but she finds the sacrifice well worth the effort.

Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Laurie has worked in the financial and office management sector. She worked as an administrative secretary for a British company in Dubai, Faithful+Gould, for four years before returning home to start a family. Currently, she works as part of the finance team of the Accounting Division in the Department of Education.

You can reach her via email at laurie@acupofparenthood.com

Liz Pineda
Content Writer

Liz is a teacher, email copywriter, and content writer. Her love for the written word began in fifth grade when she stumbled upon a book that sparked a lifelong love of reading. She has written articles for faithonview.com, Gyroorboard.com, and ibelieve.com, among others.

You can reach her via email at garcializgp@gmail.com