Baptismal Certificate in the Philippines [How to Get One]

A baptismal certificate in the Philippines is an essential piece of document to have on hand. You will need this document when applying for a marriage license [for a Catholic wedding), registering your child for First Communion, enrolling in a Catholic school, or filing for the dissolution of marriage.

baptismal certificate in the Philippines

What Is a Baptismal Certificate?  

An official baptismal certificate confirms that an individual has received the Sacrament of Baptism. The document indicates the name of the baptized person, the presiding priest, parents, godparents, and the date of your baptism.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Baptismal Certificate in the Philippines?

A baptism certificate is not a public document, so it cannot be accessed anywhere. Filipinos may need to visit their parish church where they were christened to secure a copy of their baptismal records.

In some cases, however, your parish church may not have a copy of your baptismal records on file due to unforeseen circumstances.

This may be due to the following reasons:

  • Church records were destroyed due to a flood or other natural disaster.
  • Your baptism took place many years ago. It is not uncommon for church records to be transferred from one office location to another.

Steps / Requirements to Get a Baptismal Certificate

1. Identify the church where the baptism took place

2. You will need to fill out the following information:

  • Name of the baptized individual
  • Name of parents
  • Date of Baptism
  • Purpose of Securing the Baptismal Certificate

Here Are the Usual Reasons for Getting a Baptismal Certificate As Mentioned Above:

  • Obtaining a marriage license in the Catholic Church
  • A requirement when preparing your child for his/her first communion, 
  • Enrolling your children in a Catholic school.
  • Requesting for the dissolution of marriage 

3. Submit a formal letter of request

4. Pay the corresponding fee.

How Much Is the Baptismal Certificate in the Philippines?

There is no set cost in acquiring a baptismal certificate. Fees are determined by the parochial church where you were baptized. Nonetheless, to give you an idea of the price range, you may have to pay between 50 to 200 pesos.

5. Check the scheduled date for collecting your baptismal certificate

6. Claim your baptismal certificate. Don’t forget to bring your receipt and ID.

What if I Lost My Baptism Certificate?

A priest can only produce one original baptismal certificate, which is embossed and signed by him. An original copy of this document is given to the child’s parents. If you have lost a copy of your baptismal certificate, you would need to locate a copy in the church records and request a replacement.

Is it possible to obtain my certificate in another church?

No, you cannot secure a baptismal certificate from another church. Only your parish church where you were baptized has access to the document.

What should I do if I cannot find my baptismal document in the church?

If the church does not have your baptism records, you were either not baptized there, or other natural disasters destroyed the church’s records. There is also a possibility that it has been transferred to the church’s other offices. To locate a copy of the document, you may wish to ask the personnel in your parish church for assistance.

Is a baptismal certificate and a birth certificate the same?

No, they are not the same. A birth certificate is a record of a child’s birth given by a hospital or state agency; on the other hand, a baptismal certificate is a formal record of baptism issued by a religious institution, such as your parish church.

How do I get my Philippine baptismal certificate online?

It is not possible to order a baptismal certificate online. You may need to visit the church where you were christened to acquire a copy of the document. If you live abroad, you can ask your parents or other trusted relatives in the Philippines to submit the request on your behalf. A letter of authorization is needed to secure the document.