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a cup of parenthood
Laurie Vinuya
Founder & Editor

Laurie, a mom of three adorable kids, juggles work life with motherhood. It’s an uphill struggle, but she finds the sacrifice well worth the effort. One day, she hopes to have the flexibility to work from home so she can spend more quality time with her kids.

Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Laurie has worked in the financial and office management sector. She worked as an administrative secretary for a British company in Dubai for four years before returning home to start a family. Currently, she works as part of the finance team of the Accounting Division in the Department of Education.

You can reach her at laurie@acupofparenthood.com

Liz Pineda
Content Writer

Liz is a teacher, email copywriter, and content writer. Her love for the written word began in fifth grade when she stumbled upon a book that sparked a lifelong love of reading. She has written articles for faithonview.com, Gyroor.com, ibelieve.com, among others.

You can reach her via email at garcializgp@gmail.com